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In Australia, only the following certifications of explosion protected equipment may legally be installed:

  • AUS Ex (where the product was made before the expiry date of the certificate - scheme now superseded)
  • ANZEx (does not expire - current Australian and New Zealand scheme)
  • IECEx (does not expire - World Ex certification scheme, accepted in Australia and New Zealand)

Other certifications or approvals, including ATEX, CSA, FMR and UL may not be legally installed - unless equipment certified or approved to these schemes can be proven to provide at least an equivalent level of safety to that provided by Australian standards. The Queensland Government has a safety alert issued regarding ATEX. This also covers CSA, UL and FM approvals - as well as others not listed as acceptable.

This process is called "Conformity Assessment" and is well documented in AS/NZS 60079.14:2009 Annex ZD. The process is MANDATORY if products with "other" certification are to be installed. See also AS/NZS 2381.1 clause 2.6 (AS/NZS 2381 series of standards are still enacted under law and may be used in parallel with AS/NZS 60079.14:2009 till late 2011).




EPEE Conformity Assessments follow the requirements of AS/NZS 60079.14 Annex ZD.

The assessment first page is marked with the equivalent ratings/markings as if the equipment was certified to Australian Standards.

All conditions of safe use and installation are stated within the assessment, complete with advisements from the manufacturer and the relevant installation standards.

A copy of the original certification and relevant manufacturer's documentation is including in the assessment.

A copy of the assessors relevant AS/NZS 4761 competency is also included.

These are provided as PDF copies, with hard copies available on request.