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VERIFICATION DOSSIER (also known as a Hazardous Area Verification Dossier or HAVD)

EPEE has developed a document format which satsifies the requirements for a Verification Dossier. This is based on the new AS/NZS60079.14:2009 (+A1) requirements. While the client may use their own dossier format, this format is tried and tested and will provide a quick solution to any Verification Dossier deficiencies.



EPEE has a standard spreadsheet format for this which can be adapted to client requirements and is integrated with Inspection Checklists and Punchlists. Clients can elect to use their checklists at all times. However, EPEE has prepared a suite of forms which can save time and costs which are integrated into a single spreadsheet.


INSPECTION CHECK LISTS (ITRs - Inspection and Test Records)

EPEE inspection checklists are based on AS/NZS 60079.17:2009 (+A1) examples and requirements, with additional items required by the product standards. These are in spreadsheet format and can be printed to form part of a hard copy Hazardous Area Verification Dossier (HAVD).



The Punchlists used by EPEE are an integral part of the spreadsheet which contains the Ex Register and the Inspection Checklists.